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Beutel Goodman: Initial Thoughts on Trump Victory

November 9, 2016

The result of the U.S. election has clearly taken financial markets by surprise. Similar to the Brexit vote this past summer, the vote has revealed a strong undercurrent of discontent. The vote for Donald Trump was more a vote against the economic, social and political status quo than a vote for the improbable agenda he proffered during the campaign. On the issues of trade, taxes, monetary and fiscal policy, his statements have often been confusing and even contradictory.

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Beutel Goodman: Views on Brexit

June 24, 2016

The ramifications of the referendum vote are expected to play out over the long-term. Immediate market reaction to the referendum results has been visceral, with a massive flight to quality trade, with stocks plummeting, bond yields spiraling down, gold up, oil down, the euro and pound free-falling and the U.S. Trade Weighted dollar increasing. Credit spreads are wider with the greatest impact on the financial sector.

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